March 2020

PE with Joe review - Why is there so much jumping Joe?
Hair getting ridiculous, considering shaving my head.

PE with Joe review - didn't do it today as it clashed with a meeting. Quietly relieved.
Here is a list of foods not allowed in my office:

PE with Joe review - Hugo seems to think I have to do it with him (holding him...) every day now.

PE with Joe review - did most of it, Hugo bashed his face part way through so I got to do the second half with an extra weight...

PE with Joe review - omg I am unfit.
Not sure I did this much exercise in all my school PE lessons added together

The Nation's PE Teacher

You know when you're like, pretty sure you're right and other people are wrong, but they all seem confident in what they're doing so you don't argue but then a bit later it becomes obvious that they'd missed something and you had been right all along but hadn't pushed it and now you feel double stupid?
Guess how my day has been :D

Lets look at pretty pictures instead.

Looking Back on 100 Years of Typewriter Art

February 2020

It's like someone imported my brain into this article.

Burnout in Software Development Demystified

1. Debugging is hard
Why can't I just have a nice stack trace or logs in the terminal or something easy? I have spent SO LONG getting xdebug running and it's really not been worth it :(

2. Magic names
My route runs a function called `getData`. Except it doesn't. I have to call it `getData` in the route definition but the actual function is called `getDataAction`. Because magic.

3. So much typing
I keep forgetting about $ and ;

January 2020

Hard day today. I think I've hit that point of new work where it's become very clear how much I don't know, which has made me get a bit sad and anxious. Also we had one of those revelations today that the thing we thought we were working on is actually something different, so I have spent the week figuring out the wrong stuff. I mean it's not been a waste, it's all getting more context of the domain, learning a bit more PHP and the structure of the app, but it's a bit demoralising. Oh well.
To cheer myself up, I bought a ridiculous new monitor. Pictures to follow....!!!

After wrestling with PHP and PHPStorm for the last few days (and sort of winning..?) today I took the liberty of doing a bit of good old Python, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.
In theory I am supposed to be coming up with a proposed set of coding standards for our new API stuff, however I got a bit distracted and instead used the opportunity to write my own little AWS lambda function.
I took the nasty Node lambda code from the tutorial below and converted it to Python, stuck it up on AWS and made it work. I'm tying this back to real work stuff by implementing all the code standard stuff I like in it, like Black and Flake8 for formatting and linting, Sphinx for documentation, static typing because why not.

Build a Serverless Web Application with AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Cognito

Why is debugging in PHPStorm (and PHP) so hard? Have I been spoiled with Python? Is everything else so difficult????

Got PHPUnit tests running through PHPStorm today, to my great relief. Didn't realise how much I relied on IDE tools before, I had such a nice PyCharm setup!
Can't get the Behat tests to run either through the IDE or command line though, something weird going on with file locations or something. Tomorrow's problem.

The thing that is currently intimidating me about my new job are the meetings. Not the quantity, omg no, but the organisation of them. There's clearly been some lessons on how to run an effective meeting at some point because they all have an agenda, they rarely go off topic, they result in actions and they finish ON TIME. I've never seen anything like it!

Today was my first real day working remotely for new job and.. it went ok! The kid didn't get TOO offended when I couldn't play with him, and when he did come up to see me he was very well behaved.

In terms of new work work, I am a bit baffled about everything at the moment. I am working on 'the big' project to begin with to get a bit of a context, and I managed to get it all up and running locally which is nice. I grabbed a random ticket from the sprint and started poking at things and managed to make a new thing appear in a list. Kind of cheating really because it's all templating, not 'real' code but it still felt like a win. It's all confusing because PHP uses similar-but-different things to Python and I'm not sure what is the equivalent of what and what the real differences are yet. We shall see.

I managed to drop my MacBook charger on my toe, which hurt *way* more than you would expect. I did complain about it all evening and acquired a (perhaps slightly exaggerated...) limp. I think the toenail is going to fall off, which is gross.

Birmingham is a LONG way. Spent the last two days there getting inducted into New Job. So far it seems ok, but that could be the train-hysteria setting in. Next time I have to do two consecutive days I'm getting a hotel fo shiz.

So far the biggest problem is that they gave me an old MacBook - all my things are USB-C and now nothing works together. I've had to go up in the loft to find old normal USB cables! There's a chance this is temporary though, so I am just going to hold my feelings inside til I know what's going on for sure :D

December 2019

I have this idea that I want to have a big page of lists of things on my site, because I write a lot of lists of things and it would please me to publish them somewhere. Problem is I can't decide on the design. I've decided for now to just keep collecting lists and hope that I come up with something.

I have done some nice things today though, I've added this stream page here, which uses Jekyll data files for no good reason other than I wanted to. The styling is not quite right but it will do for now I think. I also added pagination to the main page and removed some old links from the nav. Next up: laundry and putting some junk up in the roof.

I have decided to steal the excellent idea of a mini-blog stream from Simon Collison (link below). I often get a bit caught up trying to write a 'proper' blog post about something, like I will have a thought, write a little note then never quite get round to creating a full article about it.

As one of the things I will be trying to do in 2020 is to create more and consume less, I think it's important for me to get over this and to just write anything, big or small, important or trivial. You can't get better at something without practice right? Hence, this will be a dump of ideas and thoughts that may or may not be interesting, and may or may not become real posts. Who can say.

In the long run I imagine this will probably replace the 'Interesting Things' posts I tried to do. Though they were fun, they were hard work to keep up with as deadlines are really not my specialty...

Simon Collison's Stream