• My 'Simple' Life - Morning Routine

    I am a big believer in “work smarter not harder”, hence why I am a programmer - and a Python programmer at that. If I have to do a job more than once you can guarantee there will be a little script for it somewhere. The same works for real life - I have standard routines for anything I find myself doing regularly. Removing thought and decision making from boring everyday tasks in theory leaves more space for my poor brain to think about more fun and complicated things like optimising SQL and why my photo uploader is giving me a bazillion 500 errors.

  • Interesting Things This Week: Sep 04 - Sep 10, 2019

    Roman batteries, radioactive men
  • Things I learnt at FullStack Conf London

    Thankfully, not much of the stuff at the conference was new to me - I would be worried for my career if I’d not at least heard about most of this! - but I’ve been working in Python for so long now I’ve not given much brain time over to JS for quite a while, so it’s a nice refresher. A brief overview of things I learnt/found interesting below.