• Remote Working Review - Month One(ish)

    I started working (almost) full time remote at the start of January. It’s been two full months now, thought I’m not sure the first month really counts, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how it’s going.

  • PHP Patterns Part 1 - Repository Pattern

    As I do more work at new work, I expect I will come across a few of these patterns that I don’t know about. For some reason Software Design Patterns are a trigger for my deeply ingrained Imposter - I find myself regularly having to apologise for my lack of ‘proper’ computer science knowledge. So I am going to try to learn about them!

  • Short People Problems

    As an exactly average height person, I have always struggled in jobs to find a comfortable way to work. Desks are always too high, chairs are too low, monitors never adjust enough… I’ve always had to beg for special stuff like foot rests, adjustable chairs, monitor arms etc so that I could sit comfortably and see things.